My Story

 I first visited Tanzania back in 2007. What struck me most, above all else, was how happy everyone was; the smile on people's faces was just so wonderful to see. Whether they were working in air conditioned supermarkets or selling fruit by the side of the road, their joy was evident.

I had the most amazing trip - I sunbathed in Zanzibar, ate the most delicious local food in Dar - Es - Salaam and saw incredible wildlife in the Serengeti. Meeting the man I was to marry just completed this wonderful experience.

A year later, I decided it was time for a change in my life. Despite not having a flight booked, I left for Tanzania! I met with my partner, got married and life has been amazing ever since.

Having decided to move back to England, Tanzania will always hold fond memories for me. The people, places and landscape can not ever be forgotten. I seize every opportunity I can to visit and someday we hope to retire there.

However I don't want it to stop there; a memory. The wonderful people of Tanzania made such an impact and I wasn't ready to cut ties. I wanted to do more, so I decided to continue to support them.

Tanzania has the most incredibly skilled craftsman who use local materials that are handcrafted to create truly unique products, which most importantly are made with love. When people visit Tanzania, they never truly leave.

There's something about the country that hold's your heart forever. I am making it my mission to bring these beautiful products to wherever you are in the world.